Why KPA?

Why choose KPA?

You have options and we certainly understand that. We have made our mark in this business by being trustworthy and valued partners to our manufacturers. Our partnerships are approaching 28 years in some cases. We are not in the business of making promises that we cannot keep. Open and upfront communication are at the core of what has made up successful.  



Why a Manufacturers Rep?

Relationships: As ‘manufacturers reps’ we have called on some of our current customers for over 25years. We have formed relationships with the buyers, marketing, logistics and account teams at all of our retailers. 

Experience: Good manufacturers reps are in it for the long haul. Commission-based reps make for a motivated sales force.

Multiple Lines: Carrying multiple non-competing lines allows reps to build relationships across many buying departments. It also allows for insight into the industry as a whole, not just one product category. 

Commissions: Fixed and fair commission rates provide manufacturers with predictable sales expense. A fair rate motivates reps to sell and partner with factories and customers. 

Customer Needs: Every customer operates with a unique set of guidelines. Understanding and communicating margin requirements, packaging, marketing support, freight and e-commerce requirements are all part of what a rep provides for a manufacturer.